Desert Lion International

is the arm of the Desert Lion Group charged with the manufacturing and importation of quality farming inputs and equipment. On a mission to provide quality inputs to support the transformation of agriculture in West Africa, and having the Vision of being the leading Agriculture input provider among the agric value chain actors in West Africa,
DLI is involved in the following;
Fabrication and assembling of farm inputs in Ghana.
Provision of spare parts to support farm equipment.
Export of agricultural inputs to West Africa.
Farm Input servicing.
Leading manufacturer and importer of quality agricultural inputs.
Offer World-class training in the manufacturing and assembling of quality agricultural inputs and equipment.

Desert Lion Farm management Services

To offer farm support services in all areas along the agricultural value chain. Improving the livelihood of farmers through the use of innovative farming solutions and technological advances. Attracting the youth into agriculture through the introduction, and application, of productivity-enhancing technologies.

Farm advisory services.
• Farm supervision.
• Labour management.
• Produce management, etc.
• Land preparation services.
• Seed planting services.

• Weeding and Spraying.
• Harvesting.
• Storage and warehousing.
• Transportation.
• Product upgrading.
• Export services, etc.

Desert Lion Micro Credit Company Limited

• Provides diversified and affordable financial services to the active poor in a timely and competitive manner.
• Creates employment opportunities and increase the productivity of the active poor in farming communities in Ghana.
• Creates avenues for farmers to acquire quality input to support the transformation of agriculture in Ghana, using
environmentally friendly technology to create wealth for stakeholders and the underprivileged in society.
• Provide high-end fund management services to our investors, thereby ensuring high returns on investments.
• Manage funds for Corporate entities associated with the agric sector by ensuring disbursement, monitoring and
recovery at a minimal fee.
• Input financing.
• Agricultural Value-Chain Financing.
• Disbursement and Recovery Agency.
• Fund Management.